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Annual Lectures on Bigotry and Intolerance

Each year the Foundation holds an annual Lecture on Bigotry and Tolerance.

1997, Phillip Adams, "Bigotry and the Bunyip".

1998, Fr Frank Brennan, "The Wik Debate - A Legitimate Quest for Workability and Certainty or Just Downright Intolerance? "

1999, David Marr, "Bigotry in Australia Today: The Role of the Churches".

2000, Les Murray, "Countermeasures".

2001, Dr Evelyn Scott, "On the Evil of Tolerance and the Virtue of Intolerance" (transcript).

2002, Archbishop Peter Carnley, "Beyond Mere Tolerance: The Vocation of the Three Abrahamic Faiths in Creating the Conditions for World Peace" (transcript).

2003, Professor Ben Kiernan, "Genocide and Resistance in Cambodia and East Timor".

2004, Stephen Crittenden, "Defending the Enlightenment: Liberalism and Religious Intolerance".

2005, Rev Dorothy McRae-McMahon, "What Price Bigotry? Undermining the Rich Foundation of Humanity."

2006, Morris Gleitzman, "Small Bodies Big Hearts: Why I write children's books".

2007, Professor Raymond A Winbush, "The 3Rs: Racism, Reparations and Reconciliation in the 21st Century?"

2008, Dr Marion Maddox, "The Elusive Inclusive Republic" (mp3)

2009, Professor Steven Katz 'Antisemitism: medieval and modern.'

2010, Professor Penelope Mathew 'Where to From Here? Australia's role in refugee protection'

2011, Professor Raimond Gaita 'Gay Marriage: as importance as Race'

2012, Professor Megan Davis 'Constitutionalising racial non-discrimination'


Alice Tay Lectures on Law and Human Rights

In 2005 the Foundation inaugurated a new series of lectures in memory of Professor Alice Tay, former Board member of the Foundation and President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission on the theme of "Human Rights and Law". The first lecture was co-sponsored by the Foundation and HREOC and took place in Parliament House on May 25, 2005.

2005, Jim Ife, "A Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities"

2006, Larissa Behrendt 'AS GOOD AS IT GETS OR AS GOOD AS IT COULD BE? Benchmarking Human Rights in Australia' (Flyer, PDF).

2007, Professor John McMillan, "Human Rights Charters - how important to improving government?" (mp3 17MB)

2008, Dr Penelope Mathew 'Where is our Place? Seeking a Home in Time of Insecurity' (mp3)

2009, Mary Kostakidis 'The Protection of Human Rights in Australia a Way Forward'

2010, Professor George Williams 'The Future of the Australian Human Rights Debate'

2011, Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AO QC 'Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: Lessons and Challenges'

2012, Professor Sundhya Pahuja 'Development and Human Rights: An Unsustainable Marriage?'


Eminent Lecturer Series

Every two years, the Foundation invites an internationally recognosed scholar to be its Eminent Lecturer and to deliver four thematic lectures over a month.

1999, Professor Henry Reynolds, "Sovereignty, Indigenous Australia and Human Rights".

2001, Professor John C. Turner, "Rethinking the Nature of Prejudice: From Psychological Distortion to Socially Structured Meaning".

2003, Professor Donald Harman Akenson, "Intolerance: the E.Coli of the Human Mind".

2005, Dr Carmen Lawrence, "Fear and Public Policy" (transcripts).

2007, Professor Susan Mendus, 'Religious Toleration in an Age of Terrorism' (Flyer, PDF).

2009, Women and War lecture series lead by Professor Hilary Charlesworth

2011, Professor Ratna Kapur 'Unpacking Gender in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law'


Occassional Lectures

Occasionally, the Foundation invites speakers to deliver, or will host, a public lecture on an important topic.

2000, Professor Marilyn Lake, "No Distinction of Any Kind: Modern Definitions of Human Rights," in association with the "Human Rights, Human Wrongs" conference.

2001, Sir Tipene O'Regan, "The Evolution of The Tribe : The Challenge for an Old Culture in a New Century," in association with the Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutes of Australia meeting.

2002, Dr Paul Connolly, "Growing Up in Bigotry: Northern Ireland," Professor Mapule Ramashala, "Growing Up in Bigotry - South Africa", in association with the "International Perspectives on Reconciliation" conference.

2007, Dr Paul Collins, "Negotating a Most Difficult Relationship: Christianity & Islam"

2009, Dr Tom Frame 'The New Crusade? Militant Secularism, Srident Atheism and Social Harmony in Australia.'

Mark Danner, 'The Remnant Perfume of Imperial Dreams: Politics Violence & War in the Age of American Power'
Thomas Mukoya 'Through The Lens: An African Perspective'
Beyond the Spin: Asylum Seekers, Immigration and Citizenship Discussion Forum

2011, John Hewson 'Multiculturalism- Success or Failure?'

2012, World Refugee Day Lecture: Dr Kim Huynh 'WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT BEING DISPLACED?'


Activities for Schools

The Freilich Foundation is committed to working with school students and their teachers to exploring ways that bigotry, prejudice and discrimination can be fought.

Our programmes have included:

2001, a weekend workshop on the Aboriginal history of the Canberra region for teachers of Indigenous Studies and teachers with responsibilities for mentoring Indigenous students.

2002, a two-day workshop for high school history teachers called , "Teaching the Holocaust and other Genocides".

2002, an afternoon professional development programme for pre-school teachers on discrimination amongst four- to six-year olds.

2003, a series of visits to pre-primary, primary and high schools by Mbulelo Mzamane, an eminent South African writer, teacher and story-teller to speak on issues of racism.

2007, the inagural biennial summer school for teachers on the theme 'Understanding Islam'. Forty teachers from over 90 applicants Australia wide were chosen to attend a three day summer school in Canberra. 'Understanding Islam' Summer school website.

2009, The summer school for teachers on the theme of 'Religion and Bigotry'.

2011, Summer school for teachers on the theme of 'Refugee and Asylum Seekers- whose responsibility?'

2012, Teaching Democracy- political extremism, global lessons for local educators
A two day workshop for teachers


Conferences Seminars Workshops Forums Exhibitions

Cyberhate: Prejudice and Bigotry on the Internet; in association with AIJAC.

Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Bigotry, Government and Social Change in Australia 1949-2000.

Bigotry and Religion in Australia, 1865-1950, an international conference.  The papers from this conference have been published in the journal Humanities Research vol xxii, no1, 2005.

Flows of People, Waves of Bigotry: a community conference; in association with the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

International Perspectives on Reconciliation, an international conference; in association with Reconciliation Australia and the National Library of Australia.

Our Fear of Strangers: wogs, refos and illegals in the popular imagination; in association with the Hawke Research Institute of the University of South Australia.

Genocide and Colonialism: an international conference; in association with the University of Sydney and the Humanities Research Centre. The papers from this conference will be published in Dirk Moses, Genocide and Colonialism (Berghahn Books, in the series "Studies in War and Genocide," to be published in 2005.)

'Understanding Islam' a seminar series exploring Islam from a cross cultural and geopolitical perspective.

Negotiating the Sacred IV: Tolerance, Education and the Curriculum.  This conference was partially funded by the Freilich Foundation and was held in Canberra 1-2 September 2007.

National Conference on Racism in a Global Context.  This Conference was partially funded by the Freilich Foundation and was held at Murdoch Univeristy 9-11 November 2007.

Workshop "Renewing the Critique of Violence"

Wokshop "Civil Unions Gay Marriage What's the Problem?"

Visiting Fellows Work in Progress Seminars:
Professor Marcello Sorce Keller 'From Melbourne to Canberra: Comparing Musical Behaviour among Immigrant Communities in Australia'

A/Professor Arlene Stein: 'Telling Holocaust Stories in Postwar America'

Postgraduate workshops: "Music and Ideology" with Professor Marcello Sorce Keller

Exhibition 'A Brighter Day'

Professor Ranjanna Khanna postgraduate masterclass on Asylum


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