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Violence Against Women - Women & Equality - Women & Human Trafficking


Violence Against Women

End Violence Against Women UK
The web page of a UK lobby group calling for action by individuals, groups and governments to end violence against women. A numbers of resources and publications are available from the site, including fact sheets, reports and research papers. EVAW also maintains a blog outlining current news and discussions.
End Violence Against Women USA
Apparently unaffiliated with the UK group of the same name, this site is nevertheless dedicated to the same cause of eliminating violence against women throughout the world. An extensive number of resources are available including research publications (available online), electronic newsletters, and tools for individuals or groups to organise their own anti-violence campaigns. A comprehensive search engine is available to locate the most relevant resource materials.
Stop Violence Against Women
A site outlining the violence and injustices perpetrated against women in all countries and cultures of the world. The site includes a number of resources for researchers, including list of published articles and a links page. Other documents available include reports, fact sheets, research and training materials. 


Women And Equality

Center For The Advancement Of Women
The site outlines women’s participation and perception of broader themed issues and offers links to further information at the bottom of each of the relevant pages. It particularly offers a good insight into American women’s perceptions of gender equality as a whole.


Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
EOWA is an Australian government authority that measures and promotes the role of women in the workplace. Their website provides extensive information on the government’s policies, initiatives and strategies for promoting women’s role in the workplace and to provide equal opportunities and outcomes. Amongst other information provided on this site, users can navigate to a series of case studies, a resources and research page providing further relevant information (including links), and a page outlining the agency’s recent media releases.


International Women's Day 2008
This site represents a day celebrated annually that recognises the roles and achievements of women in all societies around the world. International Women’s Day has been celebrated for a century and is significant in terms of its scope for identifying the contributions made by women in all cultures and nations of the world, and celebrating them. An events link is available through a drop down menu (by country) with subsequent links to the appropriate web page.


Office for Women
A comprehensive government web site that provides information about women in work and society. A large number of resources are available including a menu system outlining links to specific information. These include women in Australian society, law, violence against women, safety and leadership, prominent women in leadership roles, equality, work and education, and many others. The site also provides access to statistics and publications. 


Women and Human Trafficking

Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women
The homepage of an organisation that seeks to eliminate the global trafficking of women and girls into sexual slavery. The site provides an extensive list resources providing information for researchers. Information that is available from the site includes copies of international agreements relating to human trafficking, reports, legislation, speeches, news and research articles, and links to other online resources.


Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
The website of an alliance of organisations around the world dedicated to ending the trafficking of women into bonded labour and slavery. The website outlines the campaigns and objectives of the alliance and its members, and provides a number of resources accessible online. As well as a links page organised by region and organisation, accessible materials include reports, bulletins, newsletters, statements and videos.
This site facilitates the sharing of information between governments, non-governmental organisations and academics of the illicit trading of human beings in the Asia-Pacific region. The site includes a resources page in which users may access relevant information such as publications and training kits, as well as an outline of further links to other web resources. The site also refers to resources specific to the user (governments, NGO’s, academics, etc.


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