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The Australian National University

The Australian Institute For Holocaust And Genocide Studies
AIHGS is an independent research and teaching centre that examines the phenomenon of genocide as a condition of human societies.  In addition to the Jewish Holocaust of the twentieth century, the Institute also examines other lesser known genocidal programmes.  The site includes a page outlining its publications and quarterly news journal, links to online courses, and a list of web based resources relating to genocides and holocausts.


Australian Memories Of The Holocaust
This site is aimed at students, teachers and people with a genuine and serious interest in the subject. It is run by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.


Crimes of War Project
This site outlines the Project’s objectives and provides a clear outline of accessible resources. These include links to other relevant websites, a bibliography of publications, and other miscellaneous documents. One feature of the site is the A-Z glossary of terms, concepts and issues.


Descendants Of The Shoah
Descendants of the Shoah is a memorial site dedicated to the victims of the 'Shoah' (Holocaust) by their descendants. As well as providing a support network for holocaust survivors' descendants, the DOS emphasises educating the young about the holocaust and to address issues that lead to racism and persecution against all minorities in our society.


Florida Holocaust Museum
The web site of the Florida Holocaust Museum – a prominent museum in the United States that provides educational programmes relating to the Holocaust of the twentieth century.  The site highlights features of the physical museum and provides information for educators to access resources for educational purposes.  Information relating to other genocides is also available.


Genocide Studies Program - Yale University
The web site of a programme offered at Yale University relating to the study of genocide as a human social phenomenon.  The site is extensively detailed and offers access to resources including databases, maps, research information, publications and other relevant web links. Current research projects are organised by geographic region /time period.


Genocide Watch
This site outlines the study of genocide as a feature of the human condition. The page lists a number of relevant web links as well as its own stock of information. This includes a number of downloadable articles, a news page, and a list of genocide case studies listed by issue or by region.


Holocaust Educational Resource (Nizkor)
A site that provides a gateway to a very substantial list of resources relating to the Holocaust.


Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
The web presence of a research centre based at the University of Minnesota that examines the issue of the Holocaust, the nature of genocides, and the effect that organised hatred has on contemporary societies.  The information presented on the web page is extensive and includes educational resources, a virtual museum, research papers and other documents, and a list of other useful web resources.


Holocaust (Shoah) Research Resources
This web page provides a list of resources relating to the Holocaust.


Holocaust Survivors
Holocaust Survivors offers an insight into the personal ramifications of the holocaust through survivors' memories. This site very poignantly reviews Hitler's 'final solution' through its impact on a survivor family and their friends.


Jewish Foundation For The Righteous
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous - A charity website that recognises, honours and supports non-Jewish persons who helped to protect Jews during the Holocaust.


The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
The web page of an institute that provides teaching and research into the study of conflict and genocide/  As well as outlining its own programmes, a number of resources are available from the site.  These include articles and papers, abstracts, Holocaust memoirs and Op-Eds.  The site also has links page for those seeking further relevant information.


This site provides access to a range of resources including digitised art (from original illustrations), films, maps and photos.


Sydney Jewish Museum
The Sydney Jewish Museum has two permanent exhibitions: one on the Holocaust and one on the Australian Jewish experience from 1788 to the present time.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
A museum in the United States dedicated to remembering the Holocaust of the 20th century.  Includes an interesting links page identifying other genocides and potential holocausts.


Voices of the Holocaust
A page at the British Library web site that presents information about the Holocaust, particularly aimed at young people and school students.  Information is available through links to personal stories of the survivors, information cards about themes and concepts relating to the Holocaust, and other reference materials.  The site also provides activities and teacher materials for the study of the Holocaust by young people.


The site of a memorial museum dedicated to remembering the victims of the Holocaust.  An extensive number of resources is available from the site and includes an online museum, holocaust images, publications, videos and more.


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