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Australian Human Rights Organisations

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Commission’s site outlines human rights and discrimination issues in Australia. By establishing human rights as its premise, the Commission outlines the guidelines for anti-discrimination in Australia.  The site includes a large number of resources including speeches, media releases, publication, events, details of legislation and acts,  campaigns, seminars, decisions and links to other web pages and sites.


Human Rights Act For Australia
The website of an organisation that proposes an Act or Charter to be established to guarantee Australians human rights protection.  A well laid out page with the organisation's objectives and strategies clearly stated.  Includes a substantial and relevant links page.


Human Rights Coalition
The front page of an organisation that promotes an Australia-wide adoption of a human rights charter.  The web site includes an outline of its objectives, the processes being undertaken in achieving its goals, human rights issues in Australia, and a links page.
The Human Rights Coalition is based in South Australia.


Human Rights Commission (ACT)
The ACT government's commission into outlining civil and human rights in the Territory, and adjudicating issues relating to breaches of these rights.  Includes a list of linked pages, as well as information brochures, forms and other documents for download in PDF file format.


Human Rights Council of Australia
The web page of an organisation committed to human rights protection, both in Australia and internationally.  The page includes a list of web page links.  These links refer to a number of non-governmental organisations outlining similar objectives, or to other organisations that promote the themes of protecting human dignity.


Just Rights Queensland
A campaign by a Queensland organisation to establish human rights as a prominent issue in Australian consciousness.  This website refers to its objective to establish an Australian Bill of Rights for ensuring the protection of civil liberties.  This should also provide a guarantee that these rights are considered when formulating government policy or drafting new laws.  The site has a large number of links to 'human rights partnerships'.


Abolish Foreginness
This website is dedicated to abolishing foreignness:  that is, to promoting understanding and awareness of the effects and nature of exclusion on the basis of “foreignness” and to ending human rights violations against non-citizens.
The organisationois made up of are a small group of writers and contributors who believe it is important to promote public debate about whether human rights violations against non-citizens can be legally or ethically justified.  Our public advocacy also extends to promoting online petitions which address themes relevant to Abolish Foreignness.



International Human Rights Organisations

Amnesty International
The site of the most prominent human rights organisation in the world.  Thoroughly comprehensive, the site includes summaries of human rights issues ordered by country or category.  Publications and reports may be searched through Amnesty's online library.  Ongoing campaigns and media releases are easily monitored throughout the site, and includes a live feed (RSS) for continuous updates of particular issues.


The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
The site for an international group dedicated to promoting women’s rights. The site has an extensive layout and users may navigate to issues by region or topic. The site also outlines current campaigns. In addition, the page provides access to other resources relevant to its work.


The Carter Centre
The site of the center based at Emory that aims to promote global human rights and end suffering.  A large of number of resources are available from the web site such as publications, books, media releases, feature articles, photographs and multimedia materials, speeches and reports


Defending Women - Defending Rights
The web page of an organisation that identifies women as victims of human rights abuses, and promotes the role of their female defenders. The site provides an extensive list of resources and includes a links page to some prominent like-minded organisations who defend women from human rights abuses and who work to protect the victims.


Equality Now
An organisation that was developed to promote the human rights of women throughout the world. Their web page includes a list of campaigns in which can participate, events, and press releases from around the world detailing human rights violations against women.


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - Human Rights
The web page at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that outlines Australia's policies, obligations and commitments towards human rights issues.  The page links to several United Nations reports.


Fair Fund
Fair Fund represents an international organisation based in the united states that defends the human rights of women around the world. Their homepage provides access to a large amount of information relating to their current campaigns and programmes. The site also includes access to newsletters and press releases, media accounts of issues relating to women, and upcoming events.


Global Fund for Women
An international network of concerned people dedicated to advancing women’s rights and advancing the causes of equality and justice. The web site of the Global Fund for Women includes access to published resources including newsletters, bulletins and reports. A substantial page outlining relevant links by region is also available. The page also refers to current campaigns and highlights upcoming events.


Human Rights Watch
A prominent international human rights organisation, human rights watch provides extensive information on ongoing campaigns and issues throughout the world.  the front page documents current issues and events, and is presented in an online news format.  further information including links, reports, articles are also available from the web site.


International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
The web presence of an organisation whose specific charge is to represent the rights of gay, lesbian transgender and intersex people around the world.  The web site provides information on the policies of governments towards sexual and transgender minorities, and identifies human rights abuses towards these people.  The site includes other information relating to human rights within this theme.  This information includes media releases, reports, fact sheets and educational and training materials.


The website of a an organisation that highlights human rights abuses against women. MADRE identifies the key issues affecting women globally (and in particular third world countries) and draws attention to resolving these. The web site is particularly extensive and has a large array of resources including a list of articles and position papers categorised by region and issue. An extensive links page is also available. The site also provides details of its campaigns, events and ongoing humanitarian programme.


The Oslo Center For Peace And Human Rights
A site based in Norway relating to global human rights issues presenting news, articles, publications and research.  It also lists a number of projects that relate to specific issues or geographic regions. The Oslo Center For Peace And Human Rights presents a list of useful resources for researchers seeking information relating human rights issues.  Note: Norwegian is the default language setting for new visitors, but an English language option is available.


Oxfam Australia - Gender
A part of Oxfam’s web site that identifies the role of women in a human rights context. The page includes an index of resources that relate to international women’s rights issues.


Women for Women’s Rights
This site offers a large number of resources relating to women in a human rights context. In addition, it also represents an international organisation and promotes the advancement of gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence and crimes. Resources include books, research articles, newsletters, brochures and documentaries. Links to external web resources are also available.


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