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 Anti-Semitism - Islamophobia - Religious Tolerance



Anti-Defamation League
Fighting anti-Semitism and bigotry in the USA and abroad, the Anti-Defamation League probes the roots of hatred against Jews and serves as a public resource for government, media, law enforcement agencies and the public at large. ADL is America's prime resource for information on organized bigotry. The League collects and assesses a vast amount of information on anti-Semites, racists and extremists.


Beyond The Pale
The History of the Jews in Russia is an online version of an original exhibit that has toured Russia since 1995.


The Centre for the Study of Jewish–Christian Relations
The website of a research centre established at Cambridge University in 1998 whose primary objective is research in Jewish-Christian relations.


Islam Denounces Anti-Semitism
A web page that explains Islamic perceptions of Judaism.  It seeks to clarify the misconceptions that many people have of Islam as being anti-Semitic and to establish the religion as being one that abhors all forms of hatred and bigotry.  It also examines the Israel-Palestine conflict and explains that criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-Semitism (or New Anti-Semitism).


The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism
A multidisciplinary co-operative initiative of Yale University to undertake scholarly research into all forms of anti-Semitism - its origins, its components and its effects.  Through this study, the Yale Initiative seeks to promote greater tolerance and understanding by identifying root causes (common to all forms of prejudice), and seeks to outline future strategies to respond to these.


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Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
The homepage of the American organisation CAIR. This well presented site provides comprehensive information relating to Islam in the United States. It also participates extensively in promoting good relations with other religious faiths and to works cooperatively with them to promote a greater tolerance and understanding.


Australian Human Rights Commission - Islam
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission provides some background to the general issue of Islamophobia in the community. In particular, the Commission seeks to establish whether attacks on Muslims in Australia can be attributed to religion, or race, or both. Like anti-Semitism, there is a strong correlation of religion towards a particular ethnic group, although the religion does not preclude members from outside its traditional cultural groups.


Islamic Human Rights Commission
British based organisation that promotes human rights issues. Although there is a particular emphasis on human rights abuses as they affect Muslims, universal issues are also considered. There is also an awareness of the growing rise of Islamophobia in the community, especially as a consequence of negative stereotyping of Muslims in the media.


‘Unlearning Intolerance’ Confronting Islamophobia: Education For Tolerance And Understanding
7 December 2004, United Nations Headquarters, New York
Programme and web cast of a United Nations seminar on Islamophobia. 


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Religious Tolerance 

The Boniuk Center for the Study And Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University
A study centre relating to the advancement of religious tolerance through better understanding and dialogue between faiths. Includes a resources and links page.


Centre for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan College
A page that represents a centre incorporated within an American Christian college that identifies religious diversity as a focus of its research. In sympathy with its research focus, the centre promotes tolerance and acceptance of alternative religious perspectives. The site includes a list of programs and events, news and publications, and other relevant web links.


Interfaith Communities United for Justice And Peace (ICUJP)
The home page of a community of people representing different faiths who reject war and violence in the name of religion.


The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief
A detailed website from Norway that provides discussion and information on religious tolerance throughout the world. The site also provides a huge array of resources including a links list to other social justice organisations, religious tolerance issues in the news, projects and dialogue forums, and a wealth of other relevant information. Although the site is a little Euro-centric, the issues discussed remain relevant within a global context. A useful site for researchers examining religious tolerance (or human rights generally).


Parliament of the World’s Religions
The homepage for the regular gathering of religious leaders to promote harmony and to foster inter-religious discussion to find commonalities. The site includes some resources and provides information for the upcoming Parliament to be held in Melbourne in 2009.


The Pluralism Project at Harvard University
A long term project administered by Harvard University that examines the increasing diversity of religions in the United States.  The history of the project has prompted an extensive list of resources including links, a list of publications, and current news items.  A number of staff, researchers and interns are associated with the project, including those from the university's Divinity School.


Religious Tolerance
An extensive web site that promotes religious tolerance by endeavouring to eliminate ignorance. includes a large numbers of essays discussing the core beliefs of the various religions, and seeks to identify common core values.  The site also makes a point to discuss other contemporary issues within the context of religion and their subsequent application to notions of tolerance.


The Temple Of Understanding
A registered international non-government organisation working in cooperation with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to promote tolerance and acceptance between faiths at an international level.


United Communities of Spirit
This site represents an organisation promoting religious tolerance through education and dialogue. Such information includes a comparative anthology of scripture from major religions which emphasise their similarities, rather than their differences.


United Religions Initiative
This site represents a global initiative by people wishing to promote peace, tolerance and acceptance of the world’s religions.


World Conference Of Religions Of Peace
This site represents one of the largest organisations representing peaceful cooperation amongst the world’s religions.


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