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Anti-Slavery International
A comprehensive and detailed site with a huge number of resources relating to the modern and historical practices of slavery. Resources include publications, documents, exhibitions, photographs and videos, UN submissions and briefing papers. There is also an extensive links page.


Free The Slaves
The website for an anti-slavery charity group. The site provides stories and firsthand accounts by former slaves to illustrate the inhumanity of slavery and to motivate others to take a stand against it in all its forms. The site also includes a research page that contains information materials such as education packs, fact sheets and research articles.


Not For Sale
An anti-slavery web site that information on the practice of modern day slavery.  Information is presented in a news format, a web log, former slaves personal stories and recollections, and tool kits for interested people to organise their own campaigns.


An American web site administered by the Public Broadcasting Service that outlines the history of the slave trade to North America. Providing a resource base for educators, the site emphasises an interactive approach to explore the issue of slavery in American history. The page also includes an excellent and extensive list of online resources.


Somaly Mam Foundation
An American website representing the Somaly Mam Foundation. The foundation was established by a former slave to encourage awareness about the reality of modern slavery, and through knowledge, seek to eradicate it everywhere it exists. The site is well laid out with details of campaigns, events and activities relating to the foundation’s awareness programme.


The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record
A site that provides access to 1,200+ images relating to slavery in the United States. The visual representation of the period of slavery in north American history adds a further poignancy to the issue not always experienced through the medium of the written word. Note: Although all images at this recommended site are free to view, many are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without the owner’s permission. It is suggested that researchers read the Conditions of Use page.


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