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Herbert introduction

The Freilich Foundation exists for the study of all kinds of bigotry and the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

I was in medical practice as a diagnostic radiologist in Wollongong, NSW for many years, from 1957 to 1972 as one of the early partners in what became a large practice and from 1972 to 1992 as a retired partner one or two days a week.

I was a member of the Wollongong Club as were a large number of my medical collegues and I would often go to the club after work to socialise and to discuss the diagnostic outcomes on patients of referring doctors. One of these, with whom I was very...

A few years ago I was on a train going from Como, a Sydney suburb, to the Town Hall.

A young woman of Chinese origin was in the seat beside me.

On the wall immediately in front of us was graffiti.


It was difficult for either of us to avoid looking at it.

The journey took about half an hour.

It seemed much longer.



I forget the details of this story but it received world headlines in 1952 and the documentation can presumably be looked up.

It went like this, perhaps with some change of detail.

During the war, as the family was being rounded up for "transportation", a Jewish woman in Poland gave her infant son to a friendly neighbour, a woman, for safe keeping until the family returned.

The mother and the father did not return and the only family survivor was the mother's brother who...

A typical Jewish dish, usually served as an entree with red horseradish, is gefillte fish; literally "filled fish" but in my time it was always a round ball of compressed fish meat.

I was talking to an Israeli emissary at my father's house one evening several years ago. We were at the dinner table and he referred to the gefillte fish which brought back memories:

He was born in a little village - a " shtetl"* - in Poland before the war. Like many such shtetls in Eastern Europe...

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