Thinking beyond heteropessimism: A Q&A with The Heteropessimist podcast

28 April 2022   One of this year’s ECR grant recipients was a project focused on Asa Seresin’s (2019) concept of ‘heteropessimism’. Seresin describes this concept as ‘performative disaffiliations with heterosexuality, usually expressed in the form of regret, embarrassment, or hopelessness about the straight experience’ (2019). To emphasise just...

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Combining art, technology, and law to tackle the difficult history of the Western Balkans

17 February 2022   Over the past decade, forensic aesthetics has emerged as a new interdisciplinary field, designed as a bridge between artistic and legal practice. Most commonly associated with the work of London-based research agency Forensic Architecture—a cohort of artists, architects, software designers, investigative journalists,...

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Children’s picture books still overwhelmingly white, middle-class & heteronormative

16 December 2021 The call for the publication and use of diverse books for children is gaining momentum worldwide. Dr Helen Adam (Edith Cowan University) and Dr Sally Murphy (Curtin University) studied award-winning Australian picture books in 2019 and 2020. They argue that we have a long way to go before we realise the importance and potential...

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Zines and social justice

13 January 2022 For many years, zines have been a means for diverse and often disadvantaged people to reject mainstream and technological modes of publication and communication in favour of low-fi, hand-made print. They have been associated with nostalgia, a commitment to craft, subversive or artistic self-expression, and the underground or punk...

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Creative participation and representation: Towards equity in Australia’s art sector

3 November 2021 During a time of increased isolation and disconnection, the arts have proven essential, not only in providing a much welcome distraction through entertainment, but also in growing empathy and bridging social divides. Christopher Marcatili delves into a recent report from the Australia Council for the Arts on equity and...

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