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A black and white image of former Prime Minister and Ramsay Centre Board Member Tony Abbot with the words "It's not merely about Western civilisaton but in favour of it".

Philanthropy for the Colony: On the use of big giving to entrench the white settler state and defend ‘Western Civilisation’

Philanthropy plays a crucial and often undervalued role in Australian society, but has an uneasy history of domination and control. At its best, philanthropy can foster social inclusion, empower the disenfranchised, and provide ‘risk capital’ for exploratory initiatives that the state is unwilling or unable to support. However, large-scale giving...

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Far-Right Diasporas in the Global South: Mapping Indian Hindu Nationalism in Southeast Asia

The transnational Indian Hindu nationalist movement is history’s largest far-right organisational network and has repeatedly been implicated in mass violence against minorities. This network operates in thirty-eight countries where it lobbies, fundraises, and organises for the Indian far-right. To date, academic inquiry into the diasporic Hindu...

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Performing Resistance: A Study of Literary and Theatrical interventions into Australia’s Refugee Crisis

This project explores the role of literature and performance as vehicles for activism in the context of Australia’s ongoing refugee crisis. Prompted by Kurdish-Afghan refugee Behrouz Boochani’s novel ‘No Friend but the Mountains’ (2018), written via SMS during his six years as an asylum seeker on Manus Island, this research sets out to interrogate...

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An image of a rocky shoreline with blue seawater.

Eco-fascism: Conceptualising far-right extremist response to climate change

Far-right actors have emerged as a growing social crisis, capitalising on popular global concern about the environment while advocating authoritarian climate solutions. Often referred to as ‘eco-fascist’ are extreme population control measures advocated by right-wing activists and ethnonationalist governments, and the accelerationist propaganda of...

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Digital citizenship and ethical journalistic representations of online hostility directed at women and girls

This project asks: ‘What might ethical journalistic representations of online hostility directed at women and girls look like and how might such representations protect the digital citizenship of these groups?’ This project will undertake semi-structured interviews with Australian journalists and editors to understand how they may be better...

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Engaging multicultural communities in antiracist advocacy during global crisis events: Lessons from COVID-19 in Australia

During global crisis events, social media plays a crucial role the sharing of information and supports. This is especially salient for ethnically and religiously diverse communities, who are routinely targeted by racist disinformation campaigns during periods of social and economic upheaval. We have seen this at play during the COVID- 19 pandemic...

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Rebel Sistah Cypher: Hip-hop as embodied practice for social change

This project collaboratively investigates how women in Khayelitsha, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, are using hip-hop to address issues of racism, sexism, economic oppression and the lasting effects of colonialism and apartheid. Since 2015 the activist hip-hop crew, Soundz of the South, have hosted a regular event called Rebel Sistah...

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