Research Projects

A drawing of a man and a woman each naked with a plant growing out of their head

Towards Hetero-optimism

Felicity Joseph, Christina Kenny and Jennifer Hamilton, University of New England This research project is a six-episode podcast series exploring the cultural logic of Asa Seresin’s concept "heteropessimism". We are carefully and critically exploring how to build alternative visions for sexualities that do not reinscribe the hierarchical binary...

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Historic photo of Italian migrants standing in line to board the Castel Verde ship to come to Australia

From ‘Dagoes’ to ‘Wogs’: a transnational history of racial slurs

Andonis Piperoglou, Griffith University From ‘Dagoes’ to ‘Wogs’: a transnational history of racial slurs, brings together transnational and historical whiteness studies approaches to assist research into how non-Anglo migrants responded, resisted, and reworked racial slurs in Australia and the United States across the twentieth century. In each...

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Two gloved hands hold a world globe which has a disposable face mask stretched across it

Racial discrimination against and by Immobile Temporary Migrants

Yu Tao, University of Western Australia Racial discrimination – actual and perceived – is a profound factor that hampers cross-cultural communications and mutual understanding between new migrants and existing residents in host countries. The racial discrimination targeted at international students and other temporary visa holders in Australia...

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A map of the world with Australia and Asia visible and red dots scattered around

Motivated prejudice behind the 'perpetual foreigner syndrome'

Michael Thai, University of Queensland Asian Australians (and other members of Asian diaspora communities in Western nations) are chronically perceived and treated as though they are foreigners, and their loyalty to Australia is routinely questioned. The extant literature demonstrates, quite consistently, that Asian faces are considered...

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A diagram connecting far right political parties in Australia

Networked Organisation: The Far Right in Australia

Jordan McSwiney, University of Sydney This project analyses the social media networks and content of four Australian parties, assessing their relationship to the far right at the time of the 2019 Australian federal election. Using social network analysis, it maps their relationship to a broader network of far-right actors in Australia on Facebook...

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A drawing with lines connecting different circles

Between Us

Bernhard Resch, University of Sydney We have developed a workshop programme where people engage with their natural perceptual differences – hearing, smelling, touching; our interoception – as a collaborative resource. We explore how our own qualities that seem ordinary and mundane to ourselves might be valuable, even magical to someone else. It...

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The Art of Justice in the Western Balkans

Iva Glisic, Australian National University This project examines contemporary political art that engages with the legacy of ethnonationalist violence in the Western Balkans. Specific focus is placed upon the ways in which war crimes committed along ethnic, national, and religious lines during the conflict that followed the dissolution of...

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