Research Projects

Digital citizenship and ethical journalistic representations of online hostility directed at women and girls

This project asks: ‘What might ethical journalistic representations of online hostility directed at women and girls look like and how might such representations protect the digital citizenship of these groups?’ This project will undertake semi-structured interviews with Australian journalists and editors to understand how they may be better...

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Engaging multicultural communities in antiracist advocacy during global crisis events: Lessons from COVID-19 in Australia

During global crisis events, social media plays a crucial role the sharing of information and supports. This is especially salient for ethnically and religiously diverse communities, who are routinely targeted by racist disinformation campaigns during periods of social and economic upheaval. We have seen this at play during the COVID- 19 pandemic...

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Rebel Sistah Cypher: Hip-hop as embodied practice for social change

This project collaboratively investigates how women in Khayelitsha, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, are using hip-hop to address issues of racism, sexism, economic oppression and the lasting effects of colonialism and apartheid. Since 2015 the activist hip-hop crew, Soundz of the South, have hosted a regular event called Rebel Sistah...

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Everyday terrorism: The story of a Korean victim-survivor of domestic and family violence in Australia

Hyein Cho, Monash University The issue of violence against women has been widely debated across sectors, with UN Women referring to it as 'the shadow pandemic'. The current literature to date, however, has not adequately addressed the issues of domestic and family violence (DFV) within the Korean-Australian context. This cross-industry project...

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Mobility injustices, racialised bodies, and Australia’s pandemic borders: The history of the present

Dr Umut Ozguc, Deakin University Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic creates multiple forms of racialised borders at both national and local levels. In the context of the current health crisis, the unequal implications of lockdown measures and multiple layers of bordering practices reconstructs the persistent racial mobility injustices...

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Collage of Chinese-Australian newspapers.

Indigenous People in Chinese Australian Newspapers, 1894–1912: Chinese Perspectives

Dr Daozhi Xu, Macquarie University. Australia’s First Nations peoples have developed longstanding and diverse relationships with Chinese immigrants. These relationships confronted and endured colonial control, bigotry and animosity. But nowadays the lack of awareness of Indigenous–Chinese contact history contributes to the bigotry in the public...

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Silhouette of Soldiers Walking

Race and Gender in Western Militaries in the War on Terror

Mia Martin Hobbs, Deakin University This project explores the experiences of women and minorities who served in the US, UK, and Australian militaries and deployed to war theatres after 9/11. The so-called War on Terror saw the most diverse soldier-force ever deployed by Western militaries, with military diversity touted as a strategic strength in...

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